Nordic Track Elliptical Machines

During the 1990’s era, Nordic track elliptical equipment have become a dominant name in the home fitness industry. Up to present, their machines are still being sold by most retail stores and garage sales. Nordic track’s company history has been a very chaotic episode. As a matter of fact, the company has been sold to bigger companies twice in the past. But despite the tumultuous happenings, it still acquired a remarkable success, which makes it hard for one to believe that it all started in a small man’s garage.

Choosing The Right Nordic Track Elliptical Machine

Invention and Company Foundation

In 1975, Nordic Track was established by Edward Pauls at the mid-western state Minnesota. Pauls has a background on mechanical engineering and previously worked on ski boots binding and designing in a different firm that goes by the name Rosemount, Inc. However, the said firm closed in 1969, an event which inspired Pauls to start creating his self-designed skis that will still be of good use even to individuals with disabilities. Soon enough, Pauls invented the Nordic Track ski machine – a device that allows for year-round practice and which parts initially came from scraps in a junk yard. From then on, Pauls started to receive orders from friends, spent $10,000 from his earnings, and begun assembling parts to meet these demands.

It was in the late 1990’s when the company decided to expand from skiers and then to other home fitness equipment such as Nordic Track elliptical machine, stationary bikes, strength machines, and its popular line of treadmills.


Popular Models of Nordic Track Elliptical

  • Nordic Track Elliptical CX 925 – According to Nordic Track elliptical reviews, this model gets the most positive remarks in terms of flexibility and strength. Appearance-wise, this Nordic Track elliptical equipment is very much similar to Proform 880S Elliptical.
  • AutoStrider 990 Pro – Looking for an advanced fitness equipment that is geared with wireless connection to the Internet? If so, then the 990 Pro is your best bet. With the AutoStrider, you can finally workout with Jillian Michaels, get alerts on the latest workout downloads, and tailor your fitness program to your specific preferences.
  • E 7.5 Elliptical – Space-saver, feature-rich, and efficient – these are just some of the good qualities that suggest that you give this one-of-a-kind machine a go. Also equipped with wireless connection, you’ll get the same satisfaction that the AutoStrider can give.

Nordic Track Elliptical Machine Reviews Trainer E7.1

And those were the basic but valuable facts about Nordic Track elliptical. There are loads of other amazing machines from this manufacturer so you definitely should consider purchasing new or used elliptical from them.